Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Tech-Savvy Dog Walker

In addition to being less than adept at multi-tasking, I'm kind of  techno-phobic. Tonight though, I threw caution to the wind by calling my sister in Ohio while I was out walking one of the dogs. I figured I had it covered once I put my Bluetooth ear-piece in. All I had to do was thumb her number on my contacts list, and the whole operation would be hands free from then on - the phone piece at any rate. I'd still need both hands to manage the dog, our still uncivilized, straight-off-the-track greyhound.

Surprisingly, it actually worked out that way. The Bluetooth worked flawlessly, and I managed to get him to do his business while I talked. I even got back to the house and made his dinner while I finished up my conversation. In the end I felt like I had finally accomplished some bit of 21st Century competence, and that I might soon be able to simultaneously listen to music and play online poker without going all in on a pair of Jacks because I get distracted by the peculiar quality of Casandra Wilson's voice, for instance, that sounds like polished stones falling through honey to the bottom of a tin pail.

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