Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chipped Nails are Chic??!

According to New York Times writer, Melena Ryzik, chipped, streaked or "grotty" nail polish are now hip. To be sure in order for the grotty to pass as chic the look must be accessorized with expensive handbags and fabulous shoes. I guess you need to spend enough on the accoutrement to demonstrate that your otherwise slovenly appearance is the result of bad breeding, bad upbringing, and/or bad manners rather than anything so unsavory as say a lack of sufficient funds.

Should I care? No. It's just sour grapes on my part as I am slaving away for a pittance at a job I loathe while someone else somewhere else is getting good money to come up with inane trends like this and promote them. It won't be long until merely grotty will no longer suffice, and nails will have to be studiously grotty in order to pass fashion muster. Manicurists will have to specialize in designer chipping, and the deliberate chips will have to be protected against accidental chips. If you accidentally chip one of your manicured chips it will need to be repaired in such a way as to appear purposely chipped and just so.

In the grand scheme of things I guess this is not significantly different from buying your jeans already ripped or paying a stylist to tousle your hair until it looks like you just got out of bed, and lacquer it in place so that it doesn't accidentally rearrange itself into something attractive.

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